Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The End is Near

Somewhere between my landlord showing our apartment to prospective tenants and me researching storage units in Tennessee, it has come to my attention that I am not long for this city. In an attempt to combat the melancholy creeping into my heart, I'm constructing a "Things I Have To Do Before I Leave DC" list. This is no time for tears, as there are still many restaurants, museums, and concerts to be enjoyed in a baccanalian manner before I pack up my car. Suggestions welcome, as are tagalongs who want to enjoy the next 3 months with me!

Thus the list begins, in no particular order...

1. National Portrait Gallery - Hip Hop and Contemporary Portraiture, Katherine Hepburn Exhibits

2. Dinner at Marrakech

3. Boating in the Tidal Basin

4. Drag Queen Brunch at Perry's in Adams Morgan

5. Dinner, drinks, or both at Proof

6. Sushi at Makoto

7. The Phillips Collection

8. Old Rag

9. Manassas Regional Park

10. Friday night Jazz at the Natural History Museum

11. An Orioles game at Camden Yards

12. A Nationals game at the new stadium

13. The FDR Memorial (I know - I have no idea how I haven't seen this yet)

14. The National Firearms Museum

15. Mount Vernon

16. Pope-Leighey House

17. A night at HR-57

18. Ethiopean food. I don't even care where.


gansie said...

this is an incredible fucking list. so inventive.

i'm in for: 1, 4, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18

Anonymous said...

FDR is my favorite memorial in the city -- and one of my favorite spots in general. Since we've hit tourist season, I'd recommend going early (like right after dawn) or late (after dark). Since it's all outside, there's really no incentive to going there when it's packed.

I've done Ethiopian at a number of places and like it at Meskerem best.

gansie said...

you gotta try dukem on U and 12th for ethiopian.

the unbearable lightness of being said...

I've heard that! Thanks for the endorsement. I'll keep you posted on the official social calendar :)

lacochran said...

Great list!

One of the things that has always troubled me, even as it drew me in, was that I could never try all the restaurants in the DC area. There's just too freakin' many. This is a problem I can live with, however. :) Good luck in your transition.

MB said...

Manassas Regional Park? Really?