Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And the Jerk of the Week Award goes to...

I'm loathe to even write this, because even bad press is good publicity, and I'd hate to draw any further attention to this idiot than he's already getting. Sadly, he's picked on my friend, and for that he earns my Jerk of the Week Award, and the wrath of sunscreen deprived foodies across DC.

BigHeadDC seems to pride itself on publishing up to date news on DC's latest scandals and escapades. Not really that difficult of a feat when you consider the number of criminals and deviants in Congress alone. On a page that boasts headlines from "Hooker Says Sen. Vitter Helped Her Score Drugs" to "Fred Thompson's Dirty Cigar" Biggie seems to have scored a picture of my favorite food blogger seeking some much needed breeze for her painful sunburn. Biggie attempts to turn it into a story by mocking the Native Jersey inability to pronounce certain words properly and attributing her current employment to her voluminous assets as shown in Exhibit A. It's almost entertaining in a very National-Enquirer-Elvis-is-living-in-the-Lincoln-Bedroom sort of way, except he really doesn't make any sense, and probably just wanted an excuse to post a picture of a rack similar to one he's seen at Millie and Al's but can't convince to go home with him.

At the very least, Gansie can relish the fact that her ship has come in. You know you're famous when people start talking shit about you in a public forum.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Today's Bit 'O Wisdom by Jimmy Kimmel

"If I was Larry Craig I'd say, 'Here's the deal -- I'm not gay, but my feet are' "