Friday, September 15, 2006

An Open Letter to Gropers Everywhere

I yelled about this for a long while last night, and I thought that was going to make me get over it, but it didn't, so now you people get to listen to me.

Gropers, grabbers, pinchers, and other perverts of various and sundry persuasions, listen closely. It is NOT, I repeat NOT okay to walk down a street and grab, stroke, fondle, or otherwise handle any body part of any other individual. Ever. If you need to reach out and touch someone, touch yourself, but leave the rest of us alone. Even better, seek some professional help. It's not a funny tic or a silly sort of game, it's frankly disgusting and demeaning and makes the person on the recieving end of your bullshit want to rip your hands off, douse them in gasoline, and set them on fire.

And to the piece of shit who grabbed my ass in Dupont Circle last night - if I ever see you again, I sure hope your scary ass girlfriend who thought you were so funny last night is there to protect you, because you'll be half the man you used to be once I'm done with you.

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